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    Irons and ironing.

    Irons Philips

    Iron - an element of home appliances to smooth out wrinkles and Zamin on clothes. The process is called smoothing or ironing ironing.

    The history of the iron.

    The iron was invented a long time ago. In the IV century BC in ancient Greece were invented ways of clothing pleating fabric with a hot metal rod that looked like a rolling pin. For smoothing clothing in ancient times used heated stones lightly processed. In XVIII-XIX centuries irons are metal structures form close to modern. Irons were heated by gas or in the oven.

    Irons Tefal

    There were also SJSFTC - glass balls filled with hot water, metal mugs. By the middle of the XVIII century there was an iron with coals inside. The most common were heating irons - they were placed in a furnace and heated up. Lightweight with electric iron was formed in 1903 thanks to the inventor Earl Richardson.

    Principle of operation.

    Operation iron is heated by the clothes in a certain place and under pressure of the iron out of iron.

    With the advent of electricity.

    With the advent of electricity and the development of technology, there were electric irons. From the viewpoint of electrical, their principle is based on the heat energy while passing electric current through a resistive heating element (most electric irons first used as a heating element arc).

    Irons Bosch

    Typically, the arrangement provides for making iron heater as close as possible to the sole presence of the material handles termoizolirovanogo avoid burns. Modern electric iron has a small water tank, the water used to generate steam, which allows for greater efficiency of ironing.

    Helps to regulate the amount of steam vapor valve (needle) which also reduces the formation of scale in the heating element iron.

    Temperature adjustment.

    Early models of electric irons had no temperature control heating element in them was plugged in all the time. It was necessary to keep track of time when the soleplate is quite hot, and disconnect it from the network.

    Irons VITEK

    In modern soles commonly used thermostat based bimetallic plate which allows to set approximately the desired temperature. Some models use dimmers. Control Dial is often marked up characters. Also, instead of a bi-metal irons uses an electronic sensor and control is done via the electronic board, which also monitors the position of the iron and turns off the heating in case of exceeding the prescribed time period.

    It provides fire protection facilities of use. Also in irons use special nozzles for delicate fabrics that you can iron fabrics such as silk, synthetics and more.



    Iron Philips GC 4420
    Philips GC 4420

    Iron Tefal FV5378
    Tefal FV5378

    Bosch TDA 5680 Iron
    Bosch TDA 5680

    Iron Rowenta DW 1020
    Rowenta DW 1020

    Iron Panasonic NI-W950
    Panasonic NI-W950

    Iron Braun FreeStyle 540 / SI6595
    Braun FreeStyle 540 / SI6595

    Iron Moulinex IM 1230 Incio
    Moulinex IM 1230 Incio

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